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Art Director and Photographer


My mom kept a (sometimes overly) comprehensive diary during my time as a toddler. It’s equally enlightening and distressing to see that an innocuous entry written when I was five years old can, for all intents and purposes, still do a bang up job for an “About Me” page today.


“The first 4 weeks of library privileges. [Elliot] took out 4 shark books in a row. Draws sharks incessantly. They’re all over the house. He traces them with a rubber shark (who used to be a tub toy) and then draws in giant teeth…Loves silly jokes on the order of “what did the tie say to the hat? I’ll hang around, you go on a head.” (stolen from Lambchop). Still so excited at recess he can’t eat his lunch. Lives for treats…Almost daily still building intricate space Legos. Wants his picture taken to send to Lego magazine. Wants a Power Ranger at his birthday party, still maintains they are real.”